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The Benefits of Intimate Products (AKA)”Sex Toys”

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The BLovelife Cuddle G-Spot Vibe In Handenefits of Intimate Products (AKA) “Sex Toys”

As I mentioned in my previous blog “Orgasm…? What is that?”, only 30 % of women can orgasm through intercourse alone, so the introduction of ‘Sex Toys’ into the bedroom is a positive.  According to a report authored by Beverly Whipple a professor emerita at Rutgers University Sex is good for you! It may lengthen your life, boost your heart health & immune system, reduce pain and stress and improve your sleep. So investing in something so important goes without saying!


Using ‘Sex Toys’ can help empower you and your partner in the bedroom as you are taking your pleasure quit literally into your own hands! Communicating with your partner is a must. Communication will help build confidence & before you know it you will be less shy, more confident and more adventurous in the bedroom!

Intimacy Benefits

Many woman hate their bodies which can sometimes cause intimacy issues. Using ‘Sex Toys’ during mutual masturbation or sex can help reduce the anxiety of being naked and help create more intimacy.

Therapeutic Benefits

Vibrators can help blood flow to that particular area. Sexual arousal and orgasms release feel good hormones, which can improve one’s mood and also strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

Fantasy Fulfillment

‘Sex Toys’ can allow you to explore each other’s fantasies including bondage. Start small and see where the mood takes you. When used with respect to both partners Sex Toys can add depth to a healthy sexual relationship.

We at intimate.ie believe using intimate products to enhance you and your partner’s sexual experience and pleasure is important to the health of your relationship. Our on-line catalogue of exclusive high quality & luxurious intimate products’ offers something for every couple & individual wishing to enhance their sexual pleasures.