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The Beginners Guide to Sex Toys

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New To Sex Toys? Check Out Our Sex Toy Guide

For first time sex toy buyers the whole experience can be quite intimidating and over whelming. Even though you can scour the internet for online reviews to help with your decision, there are hundreds of thousands of sex toys to choose from. Buzzing, osculating, penetrating, tickling, caressing, musically and voice driven, battery operated or rechargeable the list goes on and on. So how do you know you are choosing the sex toy that is right for you?

We at intimate have put together this Beginners Guide to Sex Toys which we hope will help you find the sex toy that is right for you.

As a beginner, sex toys can be intimidating, so start small and work your way up to something bigger and bolder as you become more accustomed and confident with sex toys.



A vibrator is the best place to start when purchasing your first sex toy since 70% of woman reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation alone, rather than sexual penetration. But there are many different types of Vibrator to choose from, clitoral, G-spot, rabbit, magic wand, remote control. Where do you start, as not all vibrators are ideal for beginners.


G-Spot VibratorRabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators come in all wonderful colours and sizes and are by far the most famous of vibrators. If choosing a rabbit vibrator we would recommend a nice petite   body safe option such as the Layla Artiche Slimline Rabbit Vibrator. Even though this vibrator is wonderfully petite and slender it still packs an earth shattering orgasmic punch with 7 scintillating speeds which include 3 powerful vibration speeds, 1 escalation and 3 mind blowing pulsation speeds to stimulate and massage your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. Layla Artiche Slimline Rabbit Vibrator is coated in 100% body safe silky smooth silicone, affordable and oozes with sex appeal and elegance with its eye catching frosted effect and bunny eared stimulator. It is sure to deliver intense orgasms with little to no effort.

Another excellent choice for a beginner’s rabbit vibrator is Maia Toys, Mini Rabbit Vibrator. This stands at a nice but non intimidating 6 inches in length. Its clitoral stimulator with rabbit ears surround your clitoris with orgasmic stimulation while it’s smooth silicone body safe shaft with steel rotating beads and bulbous head offers delightful effortless penetration and an amazing internal massage. The star of the show is its Ultra 7 clit stimulator that provides you with jaw dropping clitoral stimulation while its shaft provides 3 constant speeds, 1 escalating speed and 3 pulsating modes that will surely go down a treat.

Both of these rabbit vibrators make an ideal and wonderful beginner’s rabbit vibrator due to their non-intimidating size, body safe materials, user friendly controls and their affordable price tags.

Rocks Off - Ro-Duet Egg Vibrator and Remote ControlEgg and Bullet Vibrators

Egg and Bullet Vibrators are ideal for beginners due to their small size. Both sex can be enjoyed as a solo or couples sex toy during foreplay and sex. While petite in size they are usually still fairly powerful and they are also very affordable for anyone on a budget. Petite in size you can discreetly take them almost anywhere with you or wear an egg vibrator without anyone suspecting a thing. They come in selection of designs, and range in speeds from single to multiple speeds and vibrating patterns.  Some Egg Vibrators even have a remote control, which you can give to your partner for him to control so you can enjoy delicious hands free pleasure. Egg and Bullet Vibrators are very user friendly making them perfect for a first time sex toy buyer.

The Doc Johnson Mood 7 Function Powerful Vibe is a fantastic starter sex toy. This Bullet Vibrator is loaded with sex appeal and pure power. With a seductively smooth rounded tip and a straight body that is longer than your usual bullet vibrator the Doc Johnson Mood 7 Function Powerful Vibe can be both enjoyed internally and externally. Ultra-feminine and drop dead gorgeous, it is fully waterproof and crafted from body safe smooth ABS plastic and has a beautiful design on it outer coating. At an amazing €34.99 no ladies bedroom should be without this sassy vibe.

When it comes to Egg Vibrators for beginners, look no further than Maia Toys, Wireless Egg Vibrator. This luxurious yet affordable body safe egg vibrator is uniquely shaped to comfortably fit the contours of the female body. Made of velvety soft silicone it caresses your clitoris with a gentle buzz for a thrilling external massage but when inserted, discover the joys of incredible G-spot stimulation. Maia Toys, Wireless Egg Vibrator is controlled by a separate remote control that gives you complete control over your pleasure. Click through its 10 breath taking vibrating speeds and quivering pulsation modes to discover your favourite or pass the remote control to lover and let him take control to discover amazing hands free pleasure. But what makes sex toy really exciting is you can enjoy its amazing sensations while discreetly wearing it while out and about.

Tantus – Vamp Cream Realistic DildoDildos

Maybe you are a bit bolder and want your first sex toy to provide you with amazing penetrative pleasure and straight forward satisfaction. In this case you should choose a Dildo, but it may take you a bit longer to find your perfect Dildo as Dildos are available in so many different colours, shapes, sizes and materials. Anal Dildos, Glass Dildos, Harness Dildos, Double Ended Dildos, Realistic Dildo’s, Realistic Dildo Vibrators, Metal Dildos and Silicone Dildo’s are just a few that are available. Your final decision will really come down to preference. One of the most popular Dildos on the market today is the Glass Dildo due to their firm but smooth material and versatility. Glass Dildos are ideal for G-spot or prostate stimulation and the smooth glass makes insertion easy and comfortable. A favourite feature of glass sex toys is the rapid receptiveness to temperature change, Glass Dildos warm naturally heating up to your body temperature and can be heated and cooled to add extra stimulation to play.

A perfect beginners Glass Dildo is the Double Bull Black Glass Dildo from Glas. This Glass Dildo is a true masturbation masterpiece. Crafted and angled to perfection for mind blowing stimulation this heavenly and affordable Dildo has 2 smooth bulbous heads that will effortlessly stimulate your internal nerve endings and sweet spots, bringing on an unforgettable orgasm. Use one Bulbous head can be used as a handle to comfortably hold and manoeuvre the dildo while the other head sublimely massages your sweet spots. While it’s smooth and slick body makes penetration easy and perfect for beginners.

Another great beginners Dildo is D.1 Dildo from Laid. With this Dildo you will experience pure luxury. Again this is a Double Ended Dildo that is perfect for both solo and couples play and allows for smooth manoeuvring and precise G-spot or P-sot stimulation. Created and designed by Norwegian Manufacture Laid, this beautiful body safe silicone dildo has an incredible velvet like skin than feels utterly divine next to skin. One end is more pointed and the other is much broader. The broader side is better designed for firm G-spot or P-spot stimulation, whereas the pointed end is perfect for clitoral stimulation and foreplay. It’s easy to control shaft feels amazing whilst thrusting and the slight flexibility in this Dildo allows its head to bounce off your G-spot or P-spot easily leading to a euphoric experience you won’t want to miss out on.

Fun Factory Duke Best Prostate MassagerProstate Massagers

Prostate Massagers were originally designed as health aids, but it was quickly discovered that they feel amazing when you start using them during sex or solo play time. So if you’ve never enjoyed the thrill of prostate play, then you’re missing out. Prostate Massagers, also known as plugs, anal dildos, and P or male G-spot massagers are men’s anal sex toys used to stimulate the prostate gland. Your prostate is located just a few inches inside the anus on the wall closest to the stomach. While you can reach it with your figure, it’s not really ideal as you will need to bend your figure, which might not be as comfortable as you like. So luckily intimate have a selection of truly fabulous prostate massagers to effortlessly massage your prostate for you. Prostate Massagers have been developed so they can reach your prostate with ease. When used well, the stimulation they provide can lead to a non-ejaculatory orgasm, a prostate orgasm, which most guys call the ‘Super O’. It’s widely accepted this is the most amazing feeling on earth.

Aneros DeVice Prostate Massager does exactly what its say it does and is perfect if you are a beginner or a pro. Designed by experts to comfortably fit inside a man’s body and made from smooth body safe silicone Aneros DeVice Prostate Massager offers you a hands free pleasure experience you’ll never forget. Perfectly positioned to effortlessly reach your P-spot, this divine prostate massager’s rippled shaft delivers toe curling fluctuating sensations, while providing sufficient firmness and optimum responsiveness. A flared anchor like base offers security while its curved tickler stimulates your P-spot. You will achieve, stronger, harder erections causing your prostate to empty more fully during ejaculation, meaning longer, more intense and satisfying orgasms for you to savour.

Cassini Prostate Vibrator from Manazzz Toys is another little gem of a prostate massager. This vibrating prostate massager is a totally affordable and will give you the ride of your life. Smothered in smooth body safe silicone, is feels luxurious yet natural next to your skin. Controlled by a button at its base it has 3 incredible continuous speeds and 4 pulsating/escalating settings that will go down a treat. Cassini Prostate Vibrator is engineered to stimulate and satisfy at every opportunity.

Fifty Shades of Grey – Silicone Butt PlugButt Plugs

A Butt Plug is usually the first sex toy that comes to mind when you think of anal sex toys. Your first Butt Plug should be made from body safe silicone, small, both in length and girth, with tapered edges so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck and always use a good quality water based lube. It shouldn’t hurt you if you take it slow and move it in and out until it is in all way. They can be used to stretch the anus before enjoying something bigger, such as an Anal Dildo or a penis. Butt Plugs can also be used for long term stimulation as many people wear a Butt Plug whilst they go about their daily routine.

A nice simple and affordable Butt Plug to start off with is Dare Curved Pleasure Plug from OhMiBod. This elegantly body safe silicone Butt Plug is the perfect size for beginners and sex toy veterans alike and can be used as a warm up toy before the main event or during sex. Dare is hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for anyone with severe allergies or sensitive skin. It has a smooth bulbous tip that effortlessly glides inside you for pleasurable penetration and presses deliciously on you sweet spots. While its heart shaped handle not only allows for great control during play, it is cleverly designed to sit comfortable between your cheeks during play and allows for easy retrieval after play.

But if you prefer to add a little bit more stimulation to your play the Bfilled Classic Remote Control Butt Plug from BSwish would be ideal. Again perfectly petite for beginners, this Vibrating Butt Plug with remote control will effortlessly pleasure you for hours. It is user friendly and you can enjoy solo fun or hand the remote control to your partner for unexpected pleasure in private or in public. It is perfectly proportioned to fit the contours of your body allowing you to comfortably wear Bfilled Classic Remote Control Butt Plug wherever you desire. Its tip is shaped into a smooth tapered swell which penetrates you smoothly and comfortably. It gradually widens to a thrilling stretch, while a wide base below acts as a barrier against unwanted movement and ensures safety at play time, giving you total piece of mind. It has 5 pulsating and escalating vibration modes to enjoy using its user friendly remote control.

Velv'or J-Naja Best Cock RingsCock Rings

Cock rings are one of the most straight forward sex toys to use. A cock ring is placed around the penis, usually at the base but can be around the scrotum as well. It slows the flow of blood from the erect penile tissue which helps make the erection feel harder and maintains the erection for a longer period of time and also makes orgasm more likely. Cock rings come in a variety of different materials and are also available with clitoral stimulators attached. These are called vibrating cock rings and they provide pleasurable sensations for both partners.

Je Joue - Mio Cock RingVibrating Cock Ring

Liam Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring from Maia Toys is an ideal beginner’s cock ring. It easily stretches to fit almost everyone and offers greater girth, heightened stimulation for both and a longer lasting sexual experience. It is body safe pleasure ring that fits comfortably and securely around the base of the penis. If desired it can also stretch to fit around the scrotum. You’ll never run out of batteries as this vibrating cock ring is also rechargeable. It has 8 truly orgasmic multiple modes of vibration to explore. As its clitoral stimulator with wavy ridges sits on her clitoris, it works on your hot spots so both of you can enjoy wave after wave of hands free pleasure as you bump and grind.

If you prefer a tailored fit, the Adjustable Cock Ring from the Fifty Shades of Grey Collection is right up your street. This very affordable cock ring is again perfect any beginner and sex toy enthusiast that wishes to achieve longer lasting, harder and bigger erections. It can also help delay and strengthen climax for prolonged and leisurely lovemaking with an intensified finish. Of course it is body safe and provides a comfortable and tailored fit, so whether you like barely there contact or a super tight squeeze the Adjustable Cock Ring from the Fifty Shades of Grey Collection will lead you on the road to a rock hard erection and a super powerful climax.

bondage1Sex Toys for Couples

Only in recent years have Sex Toys for Couples become more popular in the bedroom. More and more couples are now experimenting with sex toys together for shared and enhanced pleasure. Couples Sex Toys are perfect for spicing up your sex life, by adding enjoyment to your sensual play sessions. As you are just starting out, choose a small sex toy that will stimulate internally and externally as this would be ideal for your foreplay and lovemaking.

A nice beginner’s couple’s sex toy to share your pleasure with is Bnaughty Unleashed Wireless Remote Vibrator from BSwish.  This is a powerful egg vibrator that is controlled by a remote control, so your partner can control your pleasure up close and intimately or from afar. This very affordable couples vibrator is made from body safe PU and ABS with gives it a heavenly smooth and sleek velvety finish which feels amazing gliding over skin. It fits like a snug glove and is the perfect size and shape to tease and caress your clitoris and your G-spot. With 5 mind blowing vibrating functions to explore, you are sure to find your favourite mode. Bnaughty Unleashed Wireless Remote Vibrator from BSwish is whisper quite, so you can enjoy its orgasmic vibrations at home or out in public if you dare. Let your lover take control of your pleasure while you’re out for a romantic dinner date or in a night club. The possibilities are endless!

Bring out your naughty frisky side and fulfil your couple’s fantasies with Bendable sex toy from SlapHappy.  Guaranteed to spice up your sex life this Bendable Vibrator with 8 delicious vibration modes is all you will ever need and want in a vibrator. Its seamless silicone curve is fully adjustable and can bend to any shape you like so you can tailor it to fit your own unique curves for precise G-spot and clitoral stimulation. For extra stimulation and pleasure you can use SlapHappy during sex with your partner. Throw a little light bondage in to mix and switch from pleasure to pain in a matter of seconds. SlapHappy Bendable Vibrator can also be used as a naughty spanking paddle.

We-Vibe - Rave G-spot App Controlled VibratorApp Controlled Vibrators

App controlled sex toys are the latest technological fun people have with vibrators. If you want to truly invest in a sex toy that will give you a life time of pleasure and is not only magnificent for solo play but is also an amazing couples toy, you need an App Controlled Sex Toy! By downloading an App onto your smart phone, you can control the sex toy’s vibrations speeds though Bluetooth. They are also a brilliant sex toy for long distance couples as your partner can control you’re your toy from his smartphone whether he is in the same room or a different continent.

The number 1 App Controlled Vibrator is the We-Vibe 4 Plus. This award winning sex toy can be worn during sex or used solo and features a new and innovative app that allows it to be controlled from anywhere in the world using smartphone control, it also comes with a hand held remote control, so it can be controlled by either. It has 10 levels of intensity with 6 vibration modes and 5 app bonus modes. It is waterproof and USB rechargeable. It packs a powerful punch from its whisper quite vibrations and it is body safe and hypoallergenic. The We-Vibe 4 Plus may be expensive but it is a quality sex toy for both that will last you a life time and offers more than your standard vibrator.

Use your imagination and enjoy the thrill of OhMiBod Bluemotion App Controlled Massager wherever your naughty heart desires. This premier Bluetooth enabled App Controlled wearable Massager will blow your mind. Wear it anywhere you please and experience how it maximises your pleasure while delivering the ultimate in discretion. Whether you have a partner in crime or enjoy going solo, OhMiBod Bluemotion App Controlled Massager has the power to tantalize and titillate, anytime, anywhere and with any iPhone or Android devise.