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Sex Toys?… No Thanks We’re Irish!

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Just a few years ago in Ireland very few would dare admit they actually hadRianne S Clitoral Vibe Babes a Vibrator yet alone mutter the word! Now on the other hand we see society & conversations changing before our very eyes! Suddenly Ireland had leaped into the 21st century & what was taught to be a sin & in some eyes “dirty” is now fast becoming more acceptable, some might even say acceptably fashionable!

So what is it that is swaying the mind of the Irish person to making this forbidden pleasure more acceptable in Irish society? There are many reasons people’s perceptions are changing & are becoming more forthcoming & open minded when it comes to “Sex Toys”.

We have buried & laid to rest the dreaded massive unattractive Vibrator and Dildo that would cause you more harm than pleasure. Now we have sleeker & more compact Sex Toys that are not only more attractive but are also made from body safe materials, come in various reasonable sizes & have various functions to satisfy the 21st Century consumer.

With such a wide variety of amazing new Sex Toys on the market in Ireland for both male & female, ranging from touch sensitive vibrators to voice activated & now app controlled toys it’s hard to see why we wouldn’t be just a little curious! & sure why not…? So go on & Invest in Pleasure!