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A ‘Sex Toy’ A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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      A Sex Toy a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Is your Sex life on anti-depressants? Good sexual health can improve your physical health. The health benefits of having sex to relieve stress & to ease depression has been proven. Women who are experiencing depression can feel like their erotic response is also depressed. But using tools like arousal gels, lubricants, sex toys such as vibrators can welcome back pleasure for everyone.

Other medical purposes that Sex Toys serve are: Strengthening muscles, woman who suffer from incontinence or a pro lapsed uterus can exercise their pub coccygeal muscles, not to mention have a more satisfying orgasm by doing Kegels. In Japan they have been used for centuries to Sex Toysstrengthen pelvic floor muscles by elite courtesans. But never have they become as popular as now, since Anastasia Steele used them E.L James Best seller Fifty Shades of GreyKegel weights now a days are used for a number of reasons, including vaginal strengthening through pelvic floor exercises leading to increased sexual awareness & pleasure by keeping the vaginal walls more elastic & ultra- responsive to stimulation.

For men that suffer from prostate disorders using a Dildo to massage themselves & drain the built up fluid. (Some doctors believe this can be dangerous, especially if the patient has an acute bacterial infection or prostate cancer).

Had any surgeries recently? Health care professionals also believe that woman can hasten recovery from surgeries like caesarean sections with the help of sex toys, which increase blood flow, for example Bullet vibrators.

Sex Toys can also improve sexual function for people with certain medical conditions. Multiple Sclerosis & Diabetes effect nerve transmission, which can dull sexual sensation. People that take medications for depression & high blood pressure can suffer side effects that limit sexual response & woman who undergo hormonal changes during menopause or suffer nerve damage after surgery sometimes find their clitorises to be less sensitive & a Sex Toy might be necessary to increase arousal.


Interesting Fact

Did you know that Vibrators were originally invented as medical equipment for women to treat hysteria & other pelvic disorders?