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Velv’or – Manhood Anal Relax Lube


When it comes to offering the best lubes & relaxers in Ireland, we offer the leading range of Velv’or Essentials, including the award winning Anal Relax Lube.

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For those who enjoy anal exploration, a key element to the most fulfilling experience involves a high level of relaxation. For some this can take time, for others not so long. The clever creators at Velv’or have come up with a solution to improve the relaxation of the anal muscles with their ingenious Manhood Anal Relax Lube.

This sensually soft lube was created with one vision in mind, the enlightenment of lovers of anal intercourse. Used by men and women the world over this best seller Anal Relax Lube with its unique formula numbs the top layer of skin, ensuring it is less sensitive and thus relaxing more when penetrated.

We all know that the true secret to an enjoyable anal experience is complete relaxation, and that is why the Velv’or Manhood Anal Relax Lube is a winner, it sets the receiver up perfectly both in lube and in relaxation leading to an experience to be tenderly enjoyed.

For those who want to elongate their performance, a simple massage o your penis will delay your orgasm as the lube sets in it makes you manhood less sensitive and therefore last longer. Now that’s a double winner in any sexual scenario!

Getting the best out of your Velv’or Manhood Anal Relax Lube

To get the best out of your Velv’or Manhood Anal Relax Lube we recommend that you apply the lube liberally to your anus a few minutes before penetration giving your body ample time to absorb this magic potion.

You will never have to grit your teeth again during anal intercourse when you pick up this revolutionary Anal Relax Lube, the term and sensation of ‘anal pleasure’ will be all yours!

  • 150 ml
  • Lube
  • Anal Relaxing
  • Penis Prolonging