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Velv’or – Manhood 2 In 1 Massaging Lube


Lube adds extra sensuality to any sexual experience & the Velv’or Manhood 2 in 1 Massaging Lube adds even more, it’s a lubricant & massaging oil all in one.

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Looking to add that something extra to your naughty nights of passion? We have the ideal answer right here, the Velv’or Manhood 2 in 1 Massaging Lube will intensify your playtime like never before.

This Massaging Lube is packaged in a supreme metallic bottle that will look great on any bedside locker or medicine press and when you whip it out you both know you are in for a great ride. This water based massaging lube not only enhances your personal pleasure during secretive solo play but will be the feature ingredient in foreplay and sensual massages.

When you apply this sexy massaging lube which is clearly transparent, do so liberally to your partner or sex toy to enjoy extra-long lasting sensual sensations.

This sublimely slippery and sensually smooth lube generates an amazing massage which will no doubt lead to some slippery when wet playtime. It stays slippery for a long time and as it is water based can be re-activated simply by adding a little moisture.

The stylish bottle boasts an easy to use pump action nozzle delivery ample amounts of lube as you desire. This tasteless and odourless massaging lube is the ideal partner for your naughty nights of passion.

  • Massage & lubricant combination for solo or shared play
  • Water-based for use with all toys
  • Subtle, sleek bottle with easy-to-use pump action spray
  • Extra slippery & smooth for intimate massages
  • Transparent & tasteless