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Velv’or – Jboa Penis Ring


The Velv’or JBoa Lasso Penis Ring is a must have for all sexy cowboys, saddle up your steed as you head for the ride of your life, yee haa!

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Just imagine the feeling you will get as you unwrap your newest enhancer of bedroom delight. This dashing lasso penis ring from the designers at Velv’or delivers the most sensual and sturdy erection of your life.

Guaranteeing heightened sensations and ensuring elongated erections this nifty penis ring is ideal for all sizes. Simple to adjust it’s up to you how much you expand or tighten the grip as you go.

The Body Safe Silicone string and carefully hand finished stainless steel ring is both a sight to behold and a super safe and sexy must have toy. Feel the benefits in every area of your sex life and we can assure you this penis ring has been hailed as a massive enhancer of oral sex, making your manly bits extra sensitive giving you a mind blowing blowjob!

Slip the lasso around your indian and prepare for sensational foreplay and sex, the JBoa will be the third party of any action you get from here on out.

Check out the journey this international superstar embarks on before hitting your boudoir. Crafted in sleek silicone tubing from the UK, fashioned with a fine stainless steel ring made in Germany and then fully hand finished by a jeweller in good old Amsterdam.

The Velv’or JBoa Lasso Penis Ring is packaged in a cool, sleek black aluminium tube to keep it safe when you’re not wearing it, but we expect this cheeky fellow to be out more than in as you won’t be able to resist the urge!

The Ultimate Gift for Gentlemen The Velv’Or J-Boa is a one size fits all Penis Ring.

How to wear guideline:

– Get hard

– Stretch the silicone

– EnRing the penis on the base as close to the body as possible

– Hold the stainless steel tube and pull the silicone

– Push the silicone firmly inside the body on both sides of the penis

– Enjoy the ride!

  • FDA approved silicone
  • Designer style
  • Tube carry case