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Super Slik – Water Based Lube 250ml


When it comes to enjoying intimate pleasures you need the right ingredients and one not to be missed is the king of water based lube, Super Slik!

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One of the leading brands of high performing water based lube, Super Slik is renowned as the king of light lubes. Its legendry water based and non-greasy formula has been cultivated over years of refinement to serve the closest alternative to your body’s natural lubricants, meaning you avoid any irritation or stickiness.

Developed to last Super Slik is like no other, use sparingly as not much is required for the perfect effect. You can get months of amazing action with the 250ml bottle which is even designed to dispense gentle amounts right to the last drop.

One of the biggest concerns, staining is avoided when you use Super Slik as its secret non staining formula offers peace of mind to you as your mind wanders elsewhere. If oral sex is on the cards, fear not this lube has a neutral taste so no need to let it hold you back.

Super Slik does not dry out like other lubes and is completely reliable for pleasure with toys and condoms.

A lube that delivers time and time again!