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Rocks-Off – Bamboo Rose Clitoral Vibe Gold


The irresistible Rocks Off Bamboo Gold Clitoral Vibe is a ten speed ‘Bamboozling’ beauty that will always be by your side, petite with a powerful punch!

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Rocks-Off – Bamboo Rose Clitoral Vibe

With the flick of a switch, let all your worries and woes wash away, when you set the Rocks Off Bamboo Clitoral Vibe in motion you will get lost in a delirious dreamland you know you deserve.

This sleek slanted and discreetly designed vibe sends earth shattering pinpoint precision to your sweet spots. Slip away and indulge in some well-deserved R and R, or slip this vivid vibe into your lover’s hands and let them take you over.

This cute clitoral vibe presents itself as an essential foreplay friend, completely unobtrusive during sex and foreplay, yet making such a difference. The silky smooth surface feels like satin against your skin, sliding and gliding as it radiates toe curling vibrations directly to your clitoris.

The delicious ten speeds available at your fingertips go from strong and steady, perfectly pulsating right up to explosively escalating. You can hop on your tiny roller coaster of pleasure moving from a teasing buzz straight through to a lip biting throbbing at the simple touch of a button.

Body-Safe Clitoral Vibe

The designers in Rocks Off only create amazingly hygienic sex toys and the Bamboo Clitoral Vibe is no different, using Phthalate free materials the super smooth surface can be easily cleaned using soapy water.

Using a single AAA battery (included) this neat little clitoral vibe can accompany you on trips to the bath, fully waterproof, watch the bubbles build as you lay back, glass of vino in one hand, Bamboo in the other and smiling from ear to ear! Now that’s what you deserve!

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  • Waterproof
  • Multi-Function
  • Non-Phallic
  • Phthalate Free
  • Smooth Surface