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Plaisirs Secrets – Geisha Silicone Kegel Balls


Getting in shape has never being more fun with these amazing super soft and luxurious Geisha Silicone Kegel Balls from Plaisirs Secrets.

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Strengthen and tone your pelvic muscles at the same time as enjoying internal stimulation with Geisha Silicone Kegel Balls from Plaisirs Secrets.  With every movement, the weights inside each of these smooth, body safe, silicone coated balls work your kegel muscles for a tighter vagina and more intense orgasms.

Wearing your Kegel Balls before intimate play is a perfect way to trigger natural lubrication and enhance sensitivity for an extra thrilling experience. Regular exercise with these Geisha Silicone Kegel Balls will strengthen your vaginal muscles, and will contribute to a healthy balanced sex life.

These luxury smooth weighted love balls are designed to effortlessly slide inside. They are so gentle you can wear them during your daily activities, but still strong enough to tone your inner vaginal walls.

Once inserted, you can give yourself an easy Kegel workout by simply moving around. Try walking, jogging or trampolinging or even hold your love balls as you do the house chores. You can also do your Kegel exercises by lying back in bed or sitting in a chair just squeeze the love balls tightly with your pelvic muscles and experience thrilling internal stimulation while you exercise. Pull on the retrieval loop for easy removal.

A new generation of Kegel Balls, Geisha are softer and more stimulating which serve to reinforce your muscles, especially post pregnancy and also to arouse your pleasure. Not only are they a high quality product at an affordable price, this sex toy is designed with elegance and luxury in mind.

With your Geisha Silicone Kegel Balls from Plaisirs Secrets you will enjoy better sex and toned muscles and create tighter sensations for him and intensified orgasms for her.

Always coat your Geisha Silicone Kegel Balls with a heathy helping of water based lubricant before slipping them inside for a more comfortable and effortless insertion.

  • Body safe
  • Made from super soft silicone
  • Regular wear strengthens your kegel muscles to intensify orgasms and aid bladder control
  • Perfect to use post pregnancy
  • User friendly retrieval cord makes removal easy
  • Weight: 0283kg
  • Size: 3,8 x 13cm