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Nexus – Anal Douche Bulb


The Anal Douche Bulb from Nexus is a must have tool for fans of anal play. Offering an effective, intimate cleansing experience, helping you to relax into your pleasure.

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Keeping anal sex lovers clean and ready for exploring, Anal Douche Bulb from Nexus ensures your experience is as clean and hygienic as possible.

This sleek Anal Douche Bulb is easy to use and cleans with just 1-2 applications, ensuring your anal fun is hygienic before and after play.

The Nexus Douche holds 250ml of water. Its Nozzle is made from ABS and the bulb from high quality rubber.

Nexus – Anal Douche Bulb – How to Use

Nexus Anal Douche Bulb is incredibly simple to use and features a squeezable bulb and a removable nozzle. You pour water straight into the bulb, reattach the nozzle and then expel the water through the nozzle by squeezing the bulb.

Proceed to flush the water through the anus and it then expelled.

Douching offers a better more hygienic experience, helping you to relax into your pleasure.

  • 250ml anal douche for cleansing before and after intimate exploration
  • Slim plastic nozzle for easy insertion
  • Simple to operate with easy grip bulb