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Monogamy Adult Boardgame For Lovers


Add some extra excitement to your evenings as you enjoy the Monogamy adult boardgame for lovers. Prepare yourself for some erotic fun with your partner.

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Bored of playing Scrabble and Pictionary with your partner, try something a little risqué and exciting! Put your phones on silent, close your curtains and prepare for an adult boardgame that will lead to the sexiest scoring you’ve had in years.

Monogamy ‘A Hot Affair with your Partner’ is a naughty board game for couples that will add the extra spark to your relationship that you thought was never there. It has been described by the media as

“The sexy board game that’s jazzing up playtime for couples nationwide”

With three saucy levels, over 390 ideas and actions you will never experience the same game twice. The primary focus of Monogamy is all about communication, this is what separates it from other adult board games. Through your communication you will explore what really turns each other on and from this the real erotic fun begins. This adult board game is perfect for couples in their honeymoon period as well as those who have been together for years. Sometimes it’s a simple game like Monogamy that will bring back the fire that has gradually gone out.

Monogamy avoids being coarse and smutty allowing both partners truly relax and enjoy each other’s company connecting both emotionally and intimately.

So put away the old board games, pick up Monogamy and explore your perfect fantasies together!