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Magic Motion – Bluetooth Smart Mini Vibe (Pink)


This is the world’s first Smart Mini Vibe by Magic Motion, intimate.ie are the first shop in Ireland with this wonderful work of art. It is a must have toy!


Hailing from the genius team at Magic Motion, designers of world-leading solo and couples vibrators The Smart Mini Vibe integrates mobile and wireless technology with sexual design creating this masterpiece of intimate vibes.

So if you want to be ahead of the rest and a true trend setter the Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe is only available in Ireland from intimate.ie. A decidedly discreet and sublimely sensual vibe that links with any iOS mobile device to unleash its true potential. This Mini Vibe is powered by brand new state of the art Smartphone and Bluetooth technology that generates mind numbing orgasms time and time again.

So when you have picked up this sleek and sexy smart mini vibe the next step is to download the MagicMotion App from the Play Store or iTunes. Using low energy Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology to connect your iOS or Android device to your smooth silicone vibe.

Choose from a variety of vibrations such as motion, music, pre-set modes, voice, mini-games or voice chat you will never be bored or run out of exciting ways to treat yourself to the greatest sensation of all. You can even use the Magic Motion as a stand-alone vibrator if you please.

This beauty is powered by a fully rechargeable battery through a subtle and discreet USB port. Like all of our products this seductive vibe is dressed in bodacious body safe silicone and can tease and tantalise even the most sensitive skin.

Switch between vibration settings depending on your mood from soft, normal or crazy all which can be set in the MagicMotion App. Playing with yourself has taken on a whole new meaning when you enter into a game in the App which will control the vibration of your Smart Mini Vibe.

A true saviour of long distance relationships, you can connect through Skype or other VOIP providers and settle into a night of remote touch from anywhere on the globe! We would love to hear from you if you reckon you have engaged in the most long distance smart vibe play!

The Magi Motion Smart Mini Vibe, bringing distant feelings to your most intimate sweet spot!

Product Video

  •  Dual Mode

Smartphone and traditional

  •  Magic Control

Music, audio, motion, frequency, game, etc

  •  Background Chatting Control

Skype, MSN, Line, Whatsapp, Wechat

  • Sync music from iTunes
  •  Body-safe Silicone Material
  •  High Quality Motor
  •  USB Rechargeable Li-on Battery
  •  Travel-ready
  •  Compatible with iOS and Android