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Lelo – Luna Smart Bead (Pink)


Confused about which Kegel exercise bead to buy? Look no further than the Luna Smart Bead, brings ecstasy to exercise & takes the ‘work’ out of work out!


The Luna Smart Bead by Lelo is a small investment that will deliver tremendous pleasure in the long term. Innovatively infused with smart touch sensors that react in orgasmic fashion to each and every squeeze of pleasure. Consider this sexy vibe as your own personal pleasure trainer.

With five captivating vibration levels and a magnificent intelligent memory function that has the ability to sense and remember your progress you will always get excited at the thought of training with your little Luna Smart Bead. It takes Kegel exercising to a magical land of sheer ecstasy when you opt for the continuous vibration setting that will set your sheets alight with fiery passion.

Train yourself for the ultimate orgasms both in personal play and with your lucky partner. The theory of Kegel exercise is to build the strength of your pelvic muscles bringing with it greater control of your orgasms. What makes the Luna Smart Bead unique is how its touch sensors measure your personal orgasms and totally tailors the exercise levels from your first squeeze. Gradually and sensually adjusting your Kegel exercise routine to the strengthening of your muscles as they progress.

Find yourself enjoying your Kegel exercising program like never before with a maximum of 200 individual routines from a AAA battery. Each routine involves unique vibrating pulses that are tailored to your own needs based on your development. Don’t forget that after every workout you deserve a reward and by simply holding the button for 3 seconds you will unleash the purest pleasure in the continuous mode. No better way to incentivise a workout than to wind it up with a heavenly orgasm!

Packaged in an alluring gift box with chic satin pouch you know you have hit quality when you invest in any Lelo products. 100% Waterproof so slipping into the shower for some quality me-time is always an option with the Luna Smart Bead. This Body Safe sexy silicone exercise aid is sophisticated and stylish bringing you a new world of pelvic pleasure that will amaze both yourself and your partner. Goodbye faking orgasms, Hello ultimate orgasms! A must have for any lady who enjoys toe curling sexual encounters!

  • Touch-sensors measure your orgasm-potential
  • 5 progressive vibration levels
  • Intelligent memory function remembers your progress
  • Includes continuous vibration mode for immediate pleasure
  • Up to 200 routines from a single AAA battery
  • Smooth Silicone
  • 100% waterproof
  • 1-year Warranty and 10-year Quality Guarantee