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Lelo – Hula Pleasure Beads Deep Rose


Awaken your inner spirits & unleash the perfect pleasure of the Lelo Hula Pleasure Beads, these sensually shaped beads will fulfil your deepest desires.


Awaken your inner spirits as you unleash erotically exciting Lelo Hula Pleasure Beads into your life. Seductively shaped with the smoothest design in pleasure beads yet, Lelo bring you this discreet vibrating masterpiece.

Wirelessly controlled boasting sophisticated rotation and vibration modes, trademark SenseMotion technology, you will experience mind numbing, toe curling and sensationally sexy vibes time and time again.

Designed to be slotted internally as the satiny smooth curves press and rotate sweetly against your inner sensitive vaginal walls and G-spot resonating blissful bursts of stimulation. You can also massage yourself externally bringing the best of Lelo’s Hula Beads SenseMotion technology to the max.

The curvaceous tip rotates relentlessly while deeply massaging and stimulating your G-spot, switched to manual mode you can enjoy the Hula Pleasure Beads as a carefree clitoral vibe bringing you to the ultimate orgasm every time.

This masterpiece comes action packed with a whopping 6 patterns of pulsation, vibration and circular escalation as you peruse the pulsating patterns on the wireless remote control. Add to this the 2 superb SenseMotion modes sending your experience off the Richter scale in terms of orgasmic tremors. Speed up or slow down stimulation by simple motions of the discreet remote, held horizontally the sensation is gentle and light, but when you tilt it you increase the intensity in the Hula Beads.

Dual way sensations will be experienced both in the pleasure beads and the remote bringing your sexual connection to all new heights. With a range of 12 metres the remote allows fantastic freedom of movement as your lover sends you wild from the other side of the room.

Like all Lelo pleasure vibes, the Lelo Hula Beads have been fashioned in ultra-hygenic, premium quality silicone, are hypoallergenic and fully body safe. Always use water based lubricant when playing to protect the quality of your beads.

Fully waterproof beads, bring bliss to your shower and bath-time sessions.

  • Fully Waterproof
  • Fully Body Safe
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Smooth Silicone
  • 2 SenseMotion Settings
  • 6 Vibrations
  • Remote Controlled