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Laid – D.1 Dildo Stone



Made of polished blue pearl larvikite from Norway the D.1 Double Ended Stone Dildo by Laid arouses curiosity and is ready to rock your world!



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Sculpted by hand by exceptional craftsmen in Laid, D.1 Double Ended Stone Dildo’s combination of shape and quality of stone allows for light weight maneuvering and firm stimulation.

You can really appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that went into the production of this awesome stone dildo. Laid estimates that the blue pearl larvikite used in this stone dildo is approximately 300 million years old. So not only can you use it as a fantastic pleasure tool but you can proudly display it as fine piece of stylish art and history.

For all who savour delicious firm G-spot stimulation the D.1 Double Ended Stone Dildo is definitely for you! Its unique shape and smooth surface will deliver pin point orgasmic stimulation that will surly whet your appetite and excite pleasure zones!

You can use either of the dildo’s heads for deep mouth-watering penetration. The pointed tip of this stone dildo is better suited for firm clitoral stimulation and foreplay. Starting your pleasure play from the outside will not only help you to relax but will create a very pleasurable sense of anticipation and build of for what’s yet to come.

The broader end will work better for deeper G-spot stimulation. Add some lubricant to ease insertion and savour the awesome feeling you experience as its gradually expanding shaft caresses your nerve filled walls as you slowly or vigorously work the dildo in and out, experiencing pure delight as its natural curve effortlessly seeks out your G-spot.

Laid has a vested interest in incorporating modern design methods to optimise sex toys and it really shows in this beautifully hand sculpted work of art that makes you feel at one with nature.

Laid- D.1 Double Ended Stone Dildo- Texture and Care

The D.1 Double Ended Stone Dildo by Laid is made of body safe polished blue pearl Larvikite from Norway.

Extremely easy to clean, wash in warm soapy water or use anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner for a fresh polished finish.

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  • Body safe
  • Made of polished blue pearl Larvikite from Norway
  • Length 8 inches
  • Double ended dildo
  • 100% waterproof
  • Comfortable grip
  • Beautiful curve and distinct lines
  • Gender mutual