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Kiiroo – Onyx & Pearl Teledildonic Couples Set


Experience a heavenly connection with Onyx & Pearl Teledildonic Couples Set from KIIROO. The world most advanced couples sex toy available today!


Knowing what it’s like to crave the tender touch of your other half whilst they are away, the genesis at KIIROO have designed an amazing couple’s sex toy that will change the future of long distance relationships forever! Whether your partner is away on business or you live 5000 miles apart the Onyx & Pearl Teledildonic Couples Set will swiftly bring you back together.

Onyx and Pearl are two very unique and intelligent cyber-sex toys. Not only are they the first touch sensitive devices to work in sync with each other, they are also wireless, using Bluetooth and internet connections through KIIROO’S exclusive video chat program.

Just like you and your partner communicate every day, Onyx & Pearl Teledildonic communicate using haptic and Bluetooth technology. Haptics is a form of interaction involving touch. So with the two combined Onyx and Pearl are truly designed to please and satisfy lovers that are apart.

Pearl has touch sensitive skin with capacitive technology underneath. It corresponds to finely tune contracting rings inside Onyx, and you can watch, hear and feel every movement in Real-Time with your partner.

Pearl is easy to use and allows a woman to take control of her pleasure as well as her partner’s pleasure. Elegantly curved along with a powerful motor, Pearl will effortlessly reach your pleasure spots and produce explosive orgasms. Pearls special sensors allow you to communicate every touch with your long distance partner. Pearl can also be used as a classic everyday vibrator, boosting 5 vibration modes. So enjoy a magical experience from Pearl in the bedroom or the bathroom as Pearl is splash proof.

Onyx is the most advanced male masturbator, combined with flesh light to make it the best sexual experience ever! Every move your partner makes is matched by the strokes of the Onyx, making you feel like your partner is there with you as you can really feel her.

Because the device can be connected online, Kiiroo also offers updates and improvements regularly. Pearl currently only sends movement to Onyx, but will soon be updated to receive vibrations as well.

Onyx and Pearl are truly a match made in heaven. For the first time ever you can keep in touch sexually with your partner through technology and movement. So bridge that distance, and experience for yourself this intelligent and luxurious couple’s sex toy today.

Kiiroo – Onyx & Pearl Teledildonic Couples Set – Required Software and Connetivity

To experience Onyx & Pearl at their best it is advised you use high speed internet and 4.0 dongle (though it is possible to use with 3G and regular desktop Bluetooth). KIIROO’s software requires Bluetooth devices using Micosoft stack (aka Winsock).  KIIROO does not support some Bluetooth devices that make use of other Bluetooth stack (e.g. Broadcom/ WIDCOM, BlueSoleil, Toshiba).

Onyx & Pearl Teledildonic are not compatible with Windows Vista or any previous versions. They are compatible with Windows 7 and onwards. Windows have released many versions of Windows 7 and 8 since July 2009, and some systems may require updates.

For excellent service, KIIROO advice using Windows 7 Enterprise as a minimum, because it supports all features requires to KIIROO.

On the KIIROO social platform, you can easily and securely connect with your partner while they control your device remotely, whether you’re thousands of kilometres away or in the same room, you can feel their touch like never before (You can still use KIIROO devices with Skype, Face Time and other platforms). If you don’t want to play online, the device easily connect locally to your computer via Bluetooth.

There have also been updates with older versions of window 7, which you are required to install to meet the demands of KIIROO services, as well as many types of other software.

Kiiroo – Onyx & Pearl Teledildonic Couples Set – Charging, Operation and Safety

Pearl- Out of the box, simply plug in Pearl and wait for the charging light to turn off. Charging time is approximately 2 hours.

Before using Onyx, plug it in and wait for his charging light to go off. Charging time is approximately 5 hours.

When using Pearl with your partner, turn on your computer and make sure Bluetooth is turned on. Next, turn on Pearl by pressing the button located on her base. Open KIIROO Platform and connect with your partner using the unique PIN. Pearl will automatically find your Bluetooth connection and begin sending touch data as soon as you begin to use her. To switch on vibration, press Pearls button once more, then press again to discover Pearls 5 vibrating modes.

To use Onyx with your partner, turn on your computer and make sure Bluetooth is activated. Turn on Onyx y pressing the button near its base. Onyx will automatically enter Bluetooth Partner mode, ready to receive a signal. To enter the first Automatic mode, press Onyx’s button once more, then again to enter the second automatic mode. You can also play manually by pressing the button again and begin to stroke between the brackets.

Before using Onyx, plug it in and wait for his charging light to go off. Charging time is approximately 5 hours.

KIIROO have delivered a whole new experience that is completely secure. Each session is individually numbered, for only you and our partner to see. KIIROO do not store data so your information is yours.

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KIIROO- Onyx Teledildonic Masturbator- Features

  • Patented Fleshlight sleeve inside
  • Connects via Bluetooth and internet
  • Enhanced by video chat platform
  • Two-way connection for touch and feel
  • Exterior capacitive touchpad
  • Discreet and wireless

KIIROO Pearl Teledildonic Vibrator- Features

  • Curve design to effortlessly reach G-spot
  • Made from Body safe silicone cover
  • Phthalate free
  • Splash proof
  • 19cm in length
  • Powerful motor
  • 5 vibration modes
  • Connects via Bluetooth and internet
  • Enhanced by KIIROO video chat platform
  • One way connection for full control