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Je Joue – Ami Kegel Balls Set (Black)


Take control of your pelvic floor muscles, your orgasms and sexual prowess as you train with the juicy Je Joue Ami Kegel Balls set in smooth silicone.

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We are very proud of our beautiful range of Kegel exercise toys and our addition from Je Joue is a set to behold. This perfectly designed Kegel strengthening system will be sure to give you a sensational training session you won’t want to end. Sophistication is a word that goes hand in hand with all Je Joue products and the Ami is no different. This saucy set of 3 silicone coated Kegel balls each offering a unique shape as you build from the single right up to the advanced.

The primary purpose of Kegel exercise is to build the strength in your pelvic floor muscles, leading to a more enjoyable sexual experience, benefiting both yourself and your partner. You gain extra control over sensation, with increased ability to tighten your sweet sex muscles, gripping your lover or toy tighter to bring them or it closer to your sensitive vaginal walls. Another benefit is the tightening of these muscles support your birthing process when the time arises.

So when this precious package arrives at your door, gently untie the sexy satin ribbon and lift the lid off the gorgeous gift box revealing 3 cute curvy shapes. One is a smooth silicone ball, for beginners and two are smooth figure 8’s as you progress through your thrilling workout.

Simply start with the smaller ball as it is lightweight and beginner muscles will be able to keep it in place, as your muscles strengthen you can progress to the slightly heavier and larger double ball and work your Kegel muscles to keep this plush set in place. Finally the advanced double ball with the heaviest weight and smaller sized, harder and sleeker feel set requires well trained muscles. By this stage you will be experiencing the best sex you have ever had as you control the pleasure of both yourself and partner.

Each of the Ami Kegel balls are crafted from high quality silicone, low maintenance that can be simply washed with mild soap or water.

Simple pleasure, beautiful benefits as you tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, giving you the ultimate orgasms and much more.

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  • Waterproof
  • Easy to Clean
  • Body Safe Silicone
  • Exercise Aides
  • Gift Box
  • Instructions Provided