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Fun Factory B Balls Butt Plug


The Fun Factory B Balls are part anal beads and part butt plug, they actually respond to the motion of your body giving you pure anal bliss.

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The Fun Factory B Balls are everything you’ve always wanted in a butt plug giving you a higher class of anal stimulation than ever imagined. They have been equipped with anal beads that react to your motions, now that’s something to sing about Sam Smyth!

It has taken a while but the bright sparks at the Fun Factory discovered that by crossing a Kegel Ball with an Anal Plug what you will get fulfilment out of this world. Stimulation of the perineum in both male and female anal lovers alike. Watch this space as the Fun Factory B-Balls become a best-selling sex toy in Ireland.

Simple and straightforward to use, prepare yourself for an outlandish experience as you passionately insert the two balls of graduated size into your tight spot like anal beads. When you get used to your B-Balls you will be wearing them daily as the 2 inch wide anchor shaped base makes the whole object nestle comfortably into position. Then enjoy every step you take as the small weights inside the B Balls react sensitively to your activity, going from gentle to powerful. But be conscious not to be too jumpy at work or your colleagues may think there’s something up!

Without the requirement for any form of power despite the sensational power felt by you means there is no end to the pleasure experienced, be it during intercourse, sensual play or tucked in during the day.

Perfect for intermediate or expert anal lovers, this butt plug is absolutely silent and offering that awesome sensation of being “filled up”.

During sex your Fun Factory B BALLS move intensely releasing waves of ecstasy in Her and Him. The more intense the lovemaking, the wilder and more thrilling the rotations of the balls as they follow the body’s rhythms. When worn by Him, he enjoys a masterful massage of the anus and prostate. When She wears them, He will feel how tantalisingly tight She becomes. When worn by Her the B BALLS also provide pleasant massage sensations and anal stimulation during vaginal intercourse.

So what are you waiting for, add them to your cart and open your sex life up to a deeply satisfying, erotic eden,sharing your favourite new sex toy!

  • For lovers of extra anal stimulation
  • Suitable for all sexes
  • Wonderful sensation of fullness
  • Rotating inner balls follow the motions of the user
  • Can be discreetly and invisibly worn
  • Endow HER and HIM with a “filled” feeling
  • Sensational extra kick during sex
  • Ideal for pairs
  • Narrow base is 100% safe and secure; doesn't hinder access to any erogenous zones
  • Totally quiet – use B BALLS when and where you want
  • Suitable for foreplay and preparing for bigger fun
  • Perfect for intermediate to advanced users
  • 2 year guarantee
  • “Made in Germany“