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Endless Nights Of Amazing Sex! Board Game


Get competitive with your partner as you bring endless nights of amazing sex the board game into your relationship. For those with a competitive edge.

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Ever dreamt of ‘Endless Nights of Amazing Sex’ well now you can turn that dream into reality with this amazing adult board game that will ensure you and your partner are both winners. Open the box and unleash over 400 sexy and steamy trivia questions that are guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Fully loaded with dice, trivia cards and board game your nights will be shining with saucy sex and tantalising treats.

Easy to play by simply rolling the dice and moving around the board as you answer questions that teach you both how to better please and arouse each other. For every correct answer you give, you draw a SEX card which invites you to engage in various different foreplay and sexual techniques. For every SEX card you draw that you like place it in the centre of the board and wait patiently if you can until the end of the game and act it out at the end.

The board has a variety of images that indicate what to do when you have answered the question correctly. Also you might roll the specialty dice and perform an action on your lover, kiss your lover, take a drink or remove an article of clothing.

‘Endless Nights of Amazing Sex!’ is a great game with lots of possibilities…