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Crave Leather Cuff Bracelet


Get yourself in the mood for some real gentle bondage fun & games. The Crave leather cuff bracelet is both stylish and functional when it comes to bondage.

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Looking for some accessories for light bondage play. Check out this designer leather cuff bracelet from Crave, premium designers of the most stylish and deluxe adult sex range. What makes these versatile leather cuffs really distinctive is their ability to double both as bondage accessories but also as chic bracelets.

When stacked together you can look sexy and elegant while out and about and when you come home split them and wear them on both wrists. Why? You know! To slip into a forbidden fantasy as you bind your wrists behind your back or to the bedposts submitting to your lover’s sweet caress and sensual domination.

Crave have tailored these sensational cuffs from genuine leather measuring 0.5” in width and can be adjusted to 3 different sizes, so couples can swap roles in bedroom fantasy play. Stylish stainless steel chain and nickel free electroplating on all the metal parts meaning they suit sensitive skin.

Enjoy the endless possibilities that these designer cuffs will bring to your relationship as you dare to submit to your lovers desires.