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BKK – Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbation Device


Blow your mind and body with Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbation Device from BKK. An evolutionary smart sex toy that combines virtual reality and motion-sensing technology.

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Masturbation meets virtual reality with BKK Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbation Device from BKK. This extraordinary new gadget incorporates interactive virtual sex which looks like a computer game. It has the ability to detect your motions but also translate your thrusts and jerks into the virtual world, which you view through a VR (Virtual Reality) headset.

First of all you download its free app onto your Smart Phone. This sex gadget comes in 2 parts, a motion-sensing masturbation cup and a VR (Virtual Reality) helmet that holds your Smart Phone. The cup has motion sensor and Bluetooth. When the user strokes, the gyro get the speed signal and transfers to the phone and into the mobile app to control the love making speed of the girl in the app.

The Masturbation Cup has a built in sensor to stimulate your movement and that is conveyed through Bluetooth LE to the mobile.

The VR (Virtual Reality) Helmet works with your Smart Phone. Once you activate the app and switch to VR Mode, place your phone into the helmet to discover a world of Virtual Reality pleasure.

In the app you customise your own 3D girlfriend whatever way your desire. Besides sensors, there are also buttons on the cup to control the app content. There are buttons to design your perfect 3D girlfriend in every way you can imagine. Choose her body type, skin tone, voice, hair colour/style and even what outfit she wears if any!

After you have designed your ideal lady, chose from a selection of cheeky locations. Finally put your leading lady her into a favourable position before getting down to mind blowing cybersex which will lead to an explosive finale in reality.

You can also simply switch to Virtual Reality Mode and turn your head to enjoy different angles of sex as well.

The Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbation Device takes virtual reality sex to a whole new level of craziness you just need to experience in your lifetime! So what are you waiting for? Satisfy your virtual reality needs and mix the thrill of interactive content with the gamification, sense of belonging, and the real intimacy that can be elicited from having a virtual girlfriend.

You can download the app Here.


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Product Video

  •  Motion sensing Masturbation Cup
  • VR Helmet
  •  Mobile App (Instruction card included)
  • USB Charging Lead
  • App compatible with Android 4.3 or above / iOS 8.0
  • VR Helmet Supports 4.7 to 6 inch in Phone Size.