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Bijoux Indiscrets – Za Za Zu Feather Handcuffs


Bijoux Indiscrets are the best designers of erotic accessories & the Za Za Zu Feather Handcuffs are a real treat when it comes to role play & light bondage.

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We are delighted to introduce the Bijoux Indiscrets feather handcuffs from the supremely sophisticated and provocative designers in Spain. Bringing the continental eroticism to the Irish shores, you will be in the elite of fantasy role play in Ireland.

Combining the sensual sensation of light feathery touch with the luxurious cool steel chain you will feel powerful and powerless all in one night as these light bondage aides will add a spark to your sex life.

As you engage in the most sumptuous and trusting bedroom play, these light restraints send shivers across your naked skin as the feathers tickle and tease your every sense.

The connector chain is 8.5” long with fully adjustable cuffs, the feathers symbolise sensuality, beauty and ultimately female sexuality. The feather portion on each side is 5.25″. This total length is roughly 20″.

Tease your lover with the softness of feathers and let your wildest fantasies be achieved!