» » » » Bijoux Indiscrets – Plaisir Nacre Pearl (Black)

Bijoux Indiscrets – Plaisir Nacre Pearl (Black)


These subtle & sexy bracelets transform into the ultimate accessory for light bondage, Bijoux Plaisir Nacre cuffs bring Fifty Shades of Grey to reality!

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Bring the ultimate excitement into your relationship as you engage in seductive domination. These beautiful bead handcuffs in black enhance the most intimate play in the bedroom.

The Plaisir Nacre cuffs set the scene for a night of sensual bondage that encourages a sweet game of seduction with added sophistication. Worn as simple bracelets when with friends or out and about, teasingly transforming into suggestive handcuffs in private.

The removable 8” chain can be carried in a purse and unleased to gently restrain in light bondage bringing a touch of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ to your relationship.

With the cuffs measuring 5.1” x .75” and luscious lobster clasps on each end for sensual and secure fastening, a night with your lover will be truly unforgettable. The Bijoux Indiscrets from Spain have been designed with pure pleasure in mind and will surprise, seduce and unleash delightful desires beyond your wildest dreams.