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Bathmate – Goliath Penis Pump


A truly ingenious creation that has taken the world by storm, the Goliath Penis Pump from Bathmate is the world’s largest hydro pump. Bigger really is better.

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Goliath from Bathmate is the big daddy of the penis pump world. Goliath Penis Pump is the world’s first water-based device for enlarging the penis. Goliath is popular within the adult film industry as it is perfect for the larger gentleman that requires a penis pump to maintain and enhance his performance. With Bathmate knowing there was a gap in the market for a larger penis pump, they designed Goliath in 2008.

Goliath penis pump is proudly the largest penile exerciser known to man and gives fantastic sustainable results in an instant. Goliath is wider and longer, designed to accommodate 9+ erect inches. Ideal if you are just starting out, Goliath offers something with a bigger capacity for the larger gentleman.

This best-selling hydro penis pump creates a strong vacuum on the penis using water, and you can choose to use air if you refer. Using Goliath in the bath or shower is simple and convenient. Fill the cylinder with warm water, position it around your flaccid penis and pump once to create a seal between the penis pump and your groin.

Once you’re comfortably inside, press the rubber base against your body and slowly pump to increase the pressure until the water stops escaping from the end and you feel a vacuum from inside. When you can’t pump anymore stop and relax for 15 to 20 minutes. Once time is up, press the pressure release valve located on the top to break the suction, and safely remove.

If you wanted to use air instead of water, the exact same steps are to be followed.

Unlike other penis pumps that use a hand held device or a trigger system to create suction, this pump is very, very easy to use and doesn’t have anything frustrating, annoying or tiring about it.

When used regularly and properly, just like working any other muscle in your body, results will be seen.


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  • Weight 330g
  • Maximum penis girth with comfort ring : 20,4 cm
  • Maximum penis width with comfort ring : 6,5 cm
  • Maximum penis length : 30,4 cm
  • vacuum water : -0.40 bar