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Aneros Peridise Anal Tool Set


Why have only one choice when it comes to your anal pleasure, the Aneros Peridise Anal Tool Set consists of 2 mini probes for your ultimate pleasure.

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Check out this amazing anal pleasure kit that fits in neatly with the Aneros range of sex toys. The Aneros Peridise set consists of 2 seductively shaped mini probes that are guaranteed to tantalise lovers of anal enlightenment.

This awesome anal Peridise set targets both male and females alike and the designers have created the probes to increase blood circulation, elate the flow of endorphins and enhance anal sensation sparking off what is called peristaltic waves.

For those of you with a curious nature this is an experience packed with sublime sensation of rectal pressure and contraction which stimulates the uber sensitive anal region and brings with it the ultimate orgasm.

The pack consists of 2 probes each a different width lending itself to complete novices and experts of anal pleasure alike. Designed with pure perfection by the experts at Aneros each probe is curvy and slim with clever curves and balls situated spectacularly to stimulate at varying positions and depths of the anal canal.

The theory of peristaltic wave stimulation is that you begin with the larger probes and work your way back to the smaller one. By familiarity with the muscle contractions and movements your Peridise starts working and you will be amazed as the smaller probe delivers greater pleasure.

All Aneros probes are crafted in 100% body safe, phthalate free FDA approved plastic making them hygienic and efficient with the use of lube. You can use any type of lube as they are not silicone, however it is important to utilise good quality lube as the anal canal is not self-lubricating.

Presented in a discreet and sturdy case with a guide offering tips and advice on how to get the maximum sensation you can desire.

  • 100% Body safe
  • Phtalate Free Plastic
  • 100% Waterproof