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Aneros Evi Kegel Exercise Massager


When it comes to enjoying exercise, the Aneros Evi is the most exciting kegel exercise toy you can own. Enhance your sex life with this cute massager.

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Why endure hours of exhausting exercise when you can treat yourself to the most effective pelvic floor muscle kegel exercise with this smooth as silk Aneros Evi Kegel massager. Introducing the first female sex aid by the awesome Aneros team, enjoy the strategically contoured massager as it effortlessly massages your G-spot.

Designed with a delightfully firm and preciously curvy shape to strengthen your pelvic muscles as it stimulates your orgasmic G-spot. This pleasure requires no vibration and is a hands free experience producing the most amazing sensations you will want to experience endlessly.

Seductively shaped so it slips naturally and lovingly to nestle in the vaginal canal with a carefully thought out external stem that stimulates your clitoris and outer lips. As you contract and relax your kegels within your pelvic floor, streams of pleasure are created giving you an unforgettable exercise experience. Follow the tips and tricks that are provided in the detailed user guide explaining the various routines to bring your kegel exercises to life.

By strengthening your pelvic floor muscles you will be given extra control during intercourse, enhancing the arousal through better blood flow and ultra-intense orgasms. The theory of kegel exercise is to fine tune the muscles offering better bladder control and encouraging a healthier pregnancy, boasting benefits at delivery and post-partum recovery.

The Aneros Evi is delicately designed from firmly FDA approved plastic and sublimely covered in silky silicone making it 100% body safe and highly hygienic. Easy to sterilise, simply wash in mild soap and water or use a good toy cleaner.

Undetectable when worn under clothes, you can exercise in the office, nightclub or while shopping, just slip it in and smile as you work out.

This is one exercise tool you will want to use daily and the rewards are far greater than losing weight, imagine exercising to give yourself greater sexual control and experiences while enjoying an amazing sexual experience! The Aneros Evi is a no-brainer, every girl should own one!

  • 100% Body Safe
  • Waterproof
  • 100% FDA Approved Plastic
  • Kegel Exercise
  • User Guide