Alarm Clock Vibrator
Wake Up Alarm Clock Vibrator
Wake-Up Alarm Clock Vibrator (Pink)

Wake-up with a smile. The Wake-Up Vibe is an alarm clock vibrator. Get more energy, boost your libido & feel much happier. Start your day the sensual way!

Smart Mini Vibe
Magic Motion Smart Mini Vibe
Magic Motion – Bluetooth Smart Mini Vibe (Pink)

This is the world’s first Smart Mini Vibe by Magic Motion, are the first shop in Ireland with this wonderful work of art. It is a must have toy!

Minna Life Limon Vibrator
Minna Life Limon Vibrator
Minna Life Limon Vibrator (Teal)

Get ready for one of the cutest vibrators on the market, the Minna Life Limon Vibrator packs a mighty punch, just squeeze for the juice of the fruit!

Luna Smart Bead
Luna Smart Bead Pack
Lelo – Luna Smart Bead (Pink)

Confused about which Kegel exercise bead to buy? Look no further than the Luna Smart Bead, brings ecstasy to exercise & takes the ‘work’ out of work out!

Lelo Lyla 2 Cerisse Remote Controlled Massager
Lelo Lyla 2 Cerisse Vibrator Content
Lelo – Lyla 2 Vibrator – Premium Remote Controlled Massager (Cerise)

When was the last time you indulged in yourself? Well now is the time and the Lyla 2 premium remote controlled massager is your saviour. Check it out!

Lelo Smart Wand Massager Plum
Lelo – Smart Wand Massager Medium Plum
Lelo – Smart Wand Massager Medium Plum

When Lelo set out to create wonderful orgasmic massager’s nothing gets in their way, take this seductive smart wand massager give it a go and you will be smiling for weeks!

Minna Life Ola Vibrator
Minna Life Ola Vibrator Side
Minna Life – Ola Vibrator (Violet)

Introducing a mind blowing vibrator, the Minna Life Ola Vibrator uses ground breaking, earth shattering squeeze technology to bring you pure pleasure.