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Orgasm…..? What is That ?

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Orgasm ….? What is that?

Surprise! Did you know that onlyOrgasms 30% of women orgasm from stimulation to their G-Spot alone? No..? Neither did I until I decided to do a bit of research on the matter & now I can take a deep sigh of relieve to know I’m not alone in the world, not only am I not alone I’m in the majority, Whooo (that’s me punching the air with a closed fist as if I am claiming some kind of victory). As a matter of fact most woman need stimulation to their clitoris in order to orgasm! You wouldn’t think that based on T.V & movies because the woman we see there seem to ALWAYS orgasm from sex making us ‘normal’ folk feel a bit abnormal! Many woman even feel pressured into ‘FAKING’ an orgasm as they do not want to disappoint their partner!

Fear not! You have the capability of becoming an absolute ‘Sex Goddess’. If you want to orgasm during sex you have a few options; all of them include stimulating the clitoris at the same time your man is inside you.

Most men love it when you play with their testicles during a blowjob because this enhances the experience even though the main stimulation is at the head of the penis.

This is the same with a woman. Even though the clitoris is the main stimulation for you, having him inside you enhances the experience.

Here are 3 ways to incorporate clitoral stimulation during sex:

  1. You can use a mini bullet style Vibrator (available at intimate.ie) to hold against the clitoris during sex as it is small so it won’t get in the way!
  2. You can use a “We-Vibe” (available at intimate.ie) which is a vibrator you wear during sexual intercourse that stimulates both the G-Spot & the clitoris & allows your hands to be free and wonder as they will.
  3. You can also use your hand or ask your partner to use his to stimulate the clitoris during sex.

Remember all bodies & all couples are different so be patient, explore & see what works best for you!

Bonus Tip

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