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How to Introduce Sex Toys into the Bedroom

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Sex Toys In The BedroomHow to Introduce Sex Toys into the Bedroom

As I said in my previous blog ‘Orgasm…?  What is that?’ only 30% of women can orgasm through intercourse alone! So there is many women finding other ways to get the job done, i.e. experimenting with Sex Toys. Indeed not only women are pulling out Sex Toys in the bedroom men are warming and welcoming the new additions in the bedroom. Times are changing and you just might be surprised by your partner’s reaction on adding this exciting pleasure tool that will enhance your sex life.

  • Approaching the subject

If you have never used sex toys, approaching the subject with your significant other can be downright scary. Even now a days in modern Ireland many people still feel sex toys are equated with giant silicone penises, and what man wants an opponent like that? But luckily there are many less intimidating options that won’t scare the newbies. Start small and introduce something that will pleasure both of you for example OhMiBod lovelife- Share Couples Ring Vibe. As we all know making love is all about sharing emotions, sensation and orgasms. If you want to add a bit more fun to your favourite music connect the OHMiBod – Freestyle G Music Vibrator (Pink) to your iPod or iPhone and slip away into your own pleasure zone.

  • Communicate

Communication is the key in any relationship and this translates to the bedroom as well. When bringing up the subject of introducing a sex toy into the bedroom be sure to stress that it will be an enhancement to sex. Most likely they will be equally as curious. But if your partner is against using a sex toy, buy one on your own and give it a solo test run. With time he might change his mind when he sees there’s nothing to be insecure about. If you are looking for a discrete sophisticated pleasure tool, look no further than the Crave – Duet Dual Motor Vibrator. Crave have specifically designed this vibrator to cater for the vast needs of any woman. Its dual tip design surrounds the clitoris, amplifying the vibrations where you desire the most. Chose from four vibration settings to fulfil your every desirable need.

  • Experiment

Intimacy is the goal. Only you know what works in your relationship and when you communicate honestly, you are on the way to building the foundation for a healthy relationship. It is entirely up to you to decide whether you will introduce sex toys into the bedroom, but a little experimenting never hurt anyone! Remember its important to Invest in Pleasure.