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How to Store Sex Toys

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These days it seems just about everyone has a secret sex stash. It may be just a bottle of sensual lubricant hidden away in the bathroom cabinet, a sexy book or a collection of trusty vibrators occupying your wardrobes very top shelf. When it comes to sex toys, how you care for, use and store is of the upmost importance for a variety of reasons. Here are a few guidelines to follow


Clean Your Sex Toys Regularly 

Cleaning your sex toys after use is a must, and not just for the very obvious hygienic reasons. Proper cleaning of your sex toys after use will help keep the material and motors in shape, prolonging the toys life span. Not to mention, sex toys as you know are designed for use in and around our most sensitive body parts. While there’s nothing dirty about your most sensitive areas, bacteria can build up on your sex toys, regular cleaning after use and preferably before can help minimise the spread of harmful bacteria. When you purchase an adult toy always read the instructions carefully as they will contain important information for the care and maintenance of your product.

Where to store your sex toys

Alot of high quality sex toys come complete with discreet storage bags or small storage containers. Although it may be tempting to discard all that packaging the silky satin storage bags are a gift for keeping chargers, cables, instructions and other accessories together.

It goes without saying the location of your collection needs to both private and secure, but also easy enough to access when needs must. The chosen location must be cool, dark and dry to maintain the products material quality. Secure bedside lockers are an ideal location, for an added level of privacy a sex toy storage box complete with combination lock is a must.

Keep your Sex Toys from touching

These days sex toys are made from a variety of different materials and although they are quite safe for bodily use. Certain materials may have the capacity to react with each other when in contact, which can lead to the product looking more like a scene from a horror film than the silky pleasure giver it was designed to be. This is especially true for toys fabricated from soft flexible materials such as TPR, TPE, Silicone, Rubber, Latex or a realistic type material. Sex toys made from glass or metal don’t represent with this problem but consideration should be given to hygienic storage.

If you store your sex toys together it is likely that you may soon be in for a nasty surprise and great care should be taken to ensure individual storage. The easiest way to separately store your toys is to use the original storage bags or alternatively intimate.ie offer discreet storage sex toy bags and cases some of which have an antibacterial lining to keep your toys as hygienic as possible.

Sex Toy Storage Do and Don’ts

  • Do thoroughly clean your sex toys before and after use 
  • Do check your sex toys for damage prior to use and before storing them away 
  • Do store your sex toys discreetly but separately 
  • Do store your toys in a clean cool dry location 
  • Do remove any batteries 
  • Don’t allow your stored toys to be in contact with each other 
  • Don’t store your toys before through cleaning and drying 
  • Don’t store your sex toys in a moist warm location