Lingerie ShoppingSo here you are, browsing through a collection of bras, briefs, thongs and hold ups and your brain is getting frazzled with 32B this and 34DD that, is it waist, hips or bust I need to be thinking about?

After all you are here because you have decided to get your partner an unforgettably romantic gift of luxury lingerie. If you take our advice you will be picking up the perfect lingerie set that is guaranteed to make her feel beautiful, sexy and irresistibly desired by you! Just follow our few simple tips that will make this experience a breeze!!


This is the most important part of the process, and you will more than likely need to do some detective work. So root out your magnifying glass because some of those size labels can be tiny. For Bras, there are two sizes to consider:

  • A number e.g. 32
  • A letter e.g. D

Check out our UK bra sizing guide on all the bra product pages.

Briefs and Thongs, these are not as tricky but still important, most styles come in sizes from Small to X-Large and some with numbers such as 8-16. Our recommendation if you are sifting through her intimates is to go with the size you come across most frequently. And whatever you do, don’t get caught, it will be embarrassing!

Colour and Style

Now the fun part, but don’t go too crazy, think carefully about what she usually wears, is there a style that she has expressed wanting to wear? Is there a colour that she doesn’t have but may like? Be adventurous, but also cautious, if she has a preferred bra style, stick with it and try different colours for extra excitement. The same applies for panties, briefs and thongs, if you see a thong or G-string that you fancy, but she usually wears briefs, this may be because she doesn’t feel comfortable in a G-string.

The golden rule of successful lingerie shopping for your lover is to shop for her and not you, think about sexy lingerie that will make her feel comfortable, if she is not comfortable she cannot feel sexy.

The Safe Option

Still unsure of what to get her? A chemise is the best choice. Sexy short night ware comes in simple sizes from X Small to X Large and does not require a specific bra size, making it a completely stress free gift.

Best of luck on your secret romantic mission!