Cleaning And Storage Advice For Using Vibrators

1. Always clean your vibrator thoroughly before and after each use.

2. Do not submerge your vibrator under water during cleaning.

3. Warm water and a mild diluted soap are recommended for cleaning your vibrator.

4. Naturally air dry after cleaning, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

5. Store your vibrator in a dry, dust-free location and store it in its original packaging material if possible.



1. Do not share your vibrator with other individuals.

2. Immediately stop using your vibrator if you feel uncomfortable.

3. Use your vibrator with a water based lubricant.

4. Stop use if the exterior of the vibrator is broken or not smooth.

5. Keep out of the reach of children.



1. Always fully charge prior to use.

2. Always clean your vibrator with warm water and antibacterial soap or medical alcohol prior to use.

3. Only use your vibrator with high quality water based lubricants.  DO NOT USE MASSAGE OIL, HAND CREAM OR CLEANING SOLUTIONS.  These items will damage your massager.