Durex – Feel Sensual Condoms 12pk

Feel Sensual are ultra-fine, easy on, extra lubricated condoms from Durex that provide a better fit and feel for both of you during lovemaking.

Durex – Performa Condoms 12 Pack

Tired of your sex sessions ending before even getting started? Introducing Performa Condoms from Durex, a condom that enhances sexual performance but delays ejaculation.

Durex – Real Feeling Condoms 10 pk

Enjoy sex the way it’s meant to be with Real Feeling Condoms from Durex. This revolutionary design ensures a natural skin to skin sensation.

Durex – Play Discover Body Massager Vibrator
Durex – Play Discover Body Massager Vibrator

Discover this smart, sensual 10 function Body Massager Vibrator from Durex. Designed to inspire you and your lover from head to toe.