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Best Sex Toys for Singletons

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6 of intimates Best Sex Toys for Singletons


Single??? Get ready to mingle with one of intimate’s very attractive ‘Sex Toys’. When you think of sexual satisfaction, you probably think of being happily coupled. But not every aspect of your sexual life requires a partner to satisfy you!  Investing in your pleasure creates opportunities to increase your solo sexual happiness, and just because you are single doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun.Best sex toys for singletons

To help you find your perfect match, we at intimate have put together this list of sex toys that are perfect for all the single ladies and gentlemen out there. So step inside the forbidden zone to discover which popular sex toy has made our list for ‘The Best Sex toys for Singletons’.Layla - Crisantemi Rabbit Vibrator

The Iconic Rabbit Vibrator 

Still the most popular vibrator on the market, Rabbit Vibrators are renowned for introducing woman to what is known as a ‘blended orgasm’. This is when a woman experiences 2 orgasms simultaneously, a clitoral and virginal or G-spot orgasm. The Layla Crisantemi Rabbit Vibrator is one of intimate’s most luxurious but affordable Rabbit Vibrators. Its sensual rabbit stimulator enhances your pleasure by surrounding your sensitive clitoris with trembling vibrations to deliver stronger orgasms, the spinning metal beads stroke over your internal hot spots while its bulbous tip rotates in a circular motion, stimulating the entire vagina, which provides you with a lifelike experience. So no wonder the Rabbit Vibrator is so popular, who wouldn’t want to experience blended orgasms from something that wants nothing in return???

Fleshlight Vibro – Pink Lady Touch & Fleshjack Vibro – Pink Bottom Touch

Just like the real thing, some might say even better, it’s not hard to see why these 2 sex toys are both one of the best-selling sex toys in the world today. These vaginaFleshjack Vibro Pink Lady Touch and anus replicas  are ultra-realistic. The original Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady Touch vaginal opening is nice and tight and is lined with lots of stimulating nubs within. You will experience amazing stimulation from its dozens of pleasure nodules surrounding and caressing your erection until you produce an almighty climax. It also includes 3 vibrating bullets which you can place into purpose built in pockets inside the sleeve, adding an intensified vibrating sensation and giving you 360 degrees of the most spine tingling intense pleasure you’ll ever feel. While the Fleshjack Vibro Pink Bottom Touch has an ultra-tight entry and exclusive Touch texture that is made up of numerous nodules that bend and flex with your every movement and the vibrating bullets pass pulsations all the way through the reel feel fronds. It also comes with 3 single speed bullets that can be place into purpose built pockets inside the sleeve. Who said you need a human body to experience the best orgasm ever??

Crave – Duet Dual Motor Vibrator

The Crave Duet Dual Motor Vibrator, is the ultimate clit stimulator that every modern on the go woman needs. This hand bag Crave Duet..essential has a dual motor and 2 smooth skin like tips that offer amazing stimulating pleasure. The shape if this Vibrator is unique making it easy for you to explore your body with. Allow its smooth vibrating tips to surround your clitoris while you glide through its 4 delicious vibrating modes to discover your favourite. Its vibrations are sowhisper quiet and discrete you could use it in a library. You’re never going to need to replace its battery as its USB rechargeable. Made for travel, the Duet Vibrator comes with a beautiful genuine leather storage case for classy and discreet home for your favourite vibrator.

Hot Octopuss – Pulse II Solo Male Stimulator

Experience effortless mind blowing hands free pleasure from the multi award winning Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo Male Stimulator. This Hot Octopuss - Pulse II Duo Couples Stimulatormasterpiece of a sex toy really is the cream of the crop of male stimulators. Designed by experts, Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo Male Stimulator will deliver the most unique, powerful and prolonged orgasm you’ll ever experience. Your penis does not have to be hard as you can enjoy the sensational feeling of being pleasured and made hard. Press your frenulum against its Pulse Plate, the sensation causes your penis to grow and its flexible wings expand until the toy fits comfortably around your penis. For men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) the Hot Octopuss Pulse II Solo Male Stimulator offers amazing possibilities.

BKK – Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbation Device

 BKK - Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbation DeviceBring your fantasy to life (well sort of), with Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbation Device from BKK. An Evolutionary sex toy that combines virtual reality and motion sensing technology. First of all you download its free app onto your Smart Phone. This sex gadget comes in 2 parts, a motion sensing masturbation cup and a VR (virtual Reality) helmet that holds your Smart Phone. The masturbation cup has built in sensor to stimulate your movement and that is conveyed through Bluetooth LE to the mobile. The VR (Virtual Reality) helmet work with your smart phone. Once you activate the append switch to VR mode, place your phone into the helmet to discover a world of virtual reality pleasure. You can also customise your virtual reality girlfriend to make her into your ultimate fantasy girl. Choose her body type, skin tone, voice, hair colour/style and even the outfit she wears, that if you want her to wear anything at all…. The Cybersex Cup Virtual Reality Masturbation Device takes virtual reality sex to a whole new level of craziness you just need to experience in your lifetime.

Bodywand – Sweetheart Mini Wand Massager

Enjoy an all over intimate massage with Sweetheart Mini Wand Massager from Bodywand. Glide it over tired muscles for powerful relaxation, or guide its rounded Bodywand - Sweetheart Mini Wand Massagerhead to more intimate areas for truly stunning sensations. Its flexible neck allows the massager to be used at any angle, hitting sweet spots you never knew you had. It may be small, but boy is it powerful. It’s featured cushioned head and super flexible neck makes targeted stimulation a breeze. Perfect for beginners, this stunning wand vibrator is whisper quite for discreet fun whenever and wherever your heart takes you.


So there you go, if you think about it, being single isn’t all that bad, all you need is the right sex toy to come home to. Go ahead and embrace your single self by discovering what is the right sex toy is for you. Invest in your pleasure with one of intimate’s amazing collection of body safe sex toys, your satisfaction is guaranteed!