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Beginners Guide To Rabbit Vibrators

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Ever since its first appearance on Sex and the City way back in 1999 the rabbit vibrator has been hugely popular. The original rabbit vibrator was designed and made by US based company California Exotics. The cute bunny shaped clitoral stimulator and jelly coated beaded shaft of the original design are still the core design principals today. The more modern designed rabbit vibrators have since added rotating, thrusting, multispeed vibrating shafts and are often made from high quality silicone materials.  

If you are new to sex toys and in particular rabbit vibrators the huge range of different types, sizes, materials and brands to choose from can be overwhelming. Intimate.ie understand this and it’s for this reason we have decided to help you in making an informed choice, with our beginner’s guide to rabbit vibrators. 

The Stimulator 

The rabbit or bunny attached to the shaft of the vibrator is basically a vibrating clitoral stimulator. Although rabbits are the most popular design choice in regards to the clitoral stimulator, other designs in the shape of dolphins, butterflys and believe it or not even beavers (excuse the cliché) are available each with their own unique moulding. The shaft of the vibrator is designed for internal stimulation whilst the clitoral stimulator is designed to sit atop the clitoris, delivering the required level of clitoral stimulation. 

When comparing the rabbit with the beaver, dolphin, butterfly and other designs, it is purely cosmetic. The principal of the vibrator does not differ with styling the main difference. 

Standard Rabbit Vibrators 

The majority of rabbit vibrators will have an insertable shaft length of 5-6 inches with a girth of 1.5 inches. Although it is advisable to check the products size specification before purchasing. The standard rabbit vibrator will have two motors, one in the attached clitoral stimulator and one in the main shaft each controlled independent of each other. This allows the user to adjust the vibration levels separately, for example some women might prefer a little light clitoral vibration with intense internal sensations or vice versa. The shaft will also commonly have a rotating function making for a more intense user experience. This level of control makes the rabbit vibrator the ideal play mate  

Mini Rabbit vibrators 

The mini rabbit vibrator is an ideal sex toy for women who may be uncomfortable with larger vibrators. The insertable length is usually no more than 4 inches in length and for those new to the world of sex toys, the mini rabbit vibrators are less daunting than their bigger brothers. 

Although designed much like their bigger brothers in the standard sized category. Because of the smaller design size, they will shaft will typically be non-rotating and may well have limited vibration capacity with a single motor common.  

Thrusting Rabbit Vibrators (up and down action) 

Thrusting rabbit vibrators or thrusters which they are quite often referred to, are vibrators which will have a shaft that has the ability to move up and down. Along with the ability to thrust up and down the shaft may also have the rotating, vibrating actions found in the standard model. This thrusting action ability is all about replicating the thrusting action felt during penetrative sex. The thrusting action is controlled from the vibrators control panel, the speed of the thrust may be considered slow for some and this is something to keep in mind. 

Triple Stimulator Rabbit Vibrator 

The Triple Stimulator rabbit vibrator is effectively a standard model with the added string of tapered beads attached on the opposite side of the shaft to the clitoral stimulator or rabbit ears. This type of vibrator is designed to stimulate vaginally, anally and clitorally and all at the same time! 

Other Considerations When Buying A Rabbit Vibrator 

Sizes and Shapes 

Rabbit Vibrators come in variety of different shapes and sizes to suit all different needs and wants. It is important to know the size that best suits you before buying. If you have used sex toys before you will have some degree of what size and shape best suits. Whether you enjoy clitoral, anal or vaginal stimulation and to what degree will help you in decision. If you are new to sex toys you may not have that luxury, and it may be best to begin with an affordable standard to medium sized vibrator to start you off on your journey. The last thing you want is to purchase a luxury rabbit vibrator and find that its not for you. 

Everyone’s bodies differ to each other’s, what may be comfortable and enjoyable for some may be not be quite so for others. You may have to try out a few different shapes and sizes to find your perfect fit. If you have a small vagina it would be advisable to stay well away from the larger sex toys, likewise if your vagina is large you may be better suited to a larger girthier rabbit vibrator 

Rabbit Vibrator Material Considerations 

Being such a popular sex toy, the range of rabbit vibrators available today in the adult toy industry is huge and so are the differences in the manufacturing process. Common materials consist of TPR, TPE, and Silicone, most reputable manufactures are now using a quality silicone for the final skin.   

Silicone is superior in both touch and feel, is hypoallergenic and is warm to the touch. Although a vibrator may have a silicone skin finish the quality of the silicone can differ greatly. A less expensive will unlikely have the same quality of silicone used in a more expensive rabbit toy.  

The single most important factor to be considered when buying a sex toys is to ensure the materials used are PHTHALATE FREE. Many of the top brands use phthalate free, bacteria resistant material but it is important to remember that some cheaper brands still use them! Although we do not stock them. 

  • Always but Phthalate Free (Phthalates are can harm you and can cause skin reactions) 
  • Buy a rabbit vibrator that is both nice to the touch and feel 
  • Choose a reputable Brand 

Motors and Vibrations 

Simply put the more motors the more power and the more versatile the rabbit vibrator will be, and the more targeted the pleasure giving vibrations will be. The more luxurious the toy the more motors you can expect.  Standard rabbits will normally come complete with two motors one in the shaft and the other in the attached clitoral stimulator. Smaller rabbit will normally have just a single vibrating motor with basic controls. 

In general, we would recommend you purchase at least a 2-motor vibrator if possible.  

Vibration Modes 

Speed and Power – This controls both the vibration speed and intensity.  The more levels of speed and power control the more likely the rabbit vibrator will deliver just what you need. This is particularly true over time as you may feel you crave a stronger more intense vibration. The speed settings are usually located at the base of the vibrator for ease. 

Vibration Patterns – Nobody enjoys the same thing over and over again, it is a good idea to purchase a rabbit vibrator that has options. The more the vibration patterns the more you can mix it up. 

Rechargeable or Battery Operated 

Your experience level and budget are 2 of the most important factors when considering between battery operated and rechargeable toys. For beginners it is best to start out with a cheaper more affordable battery-operated model. Rechargeable rabbit vibrators are usually a lot more expensive to purchase and consideration must be given to your degree of sex toy experience. 

Waterproof or Water Resistant 

If you are planning on introducing some bath time play into your sex life, a waterproof rabbit vibrator is the only option. If your vibrator is fully waterproof it is okay to fully submerge in water, but it is always a good idea to check the seals are intact and any removable caps or covers are fully closed. 

Water resistant vibrators are not water proof and not designed to be submerged in water and are more splash proof the water proof. The majority of rabbit vibrators in the mid-price range are splash proof, buit it is always best to check the manufactures instructions to verify this. 

  • Waterproof –  Can be fully submerged in water 
  • Water Resistant – Cannot be submerged in water